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We Are Ardorous 37!

Ardorous 37 is the Spring 1991 line of Alpha Chapter (Howard University), Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


We celebrate the life of Inga Dyer, Esq.

Our beloved linesister Inga Dyer (6-A-91) has crossed over into that forever chapter in the sky…Omega Omega. We will always remember our vivacious, gorgeous, funny, thoughtful, loving linesister. Please keep her children, family and us in your prayers.

Inga Dyer, Esq. was an extraordinary person who made a lasting impression on the city of Los Angeles. Revered for her warmth, creativity, and dynamic energy, Inga occupied a unique space in the hearts of those fortunate enough to have crossed paths with her. She personified the authentic spirit of LA, and her optimistic influence resonated throughout the community.

A Vibrant and Respected Entertainment Lawyer

Whether navigating the constantly evolving entertainment industry or enriching the local art scene, Inga consistently radiated unwavering optimism and kindness. Her laughter reverberated through the bustling streets, imprinting cherished memories on those who encountered her. In LA, Inga’s legacy is forever etched as she is celebrated for infusing joy, resilience, and a zest for life into every circumstance. Her presence seamlessly integrated into the diverse and vibrant tapestry of the city.

A Legacy of Advocacy

A native of Los Angeles, Inga Dyer, a lively and esteemed entertainment lawyer, succumbed to cancer, leaving the community in profound grief. In the face of her battle with the illness, Inga showcased remarkable courage and unwavering determination, striving to contribute to the industry she cherished. Fueled by her love for storytelling, she passionately pursued a career that melded her dedication to law and entertainment.

Inga devoted her professional life to advocating for artists and securing essential legal safeguards for them. Her keen legal acumen, coupled with a sincere concern for her clients, garnered widespread admiration. Despite the demanding nature of her profession, Inga remained actively involved in the cultural milieu of the city. She championed local artists, contributing to the creative tapestry for which Los Angeles is renowned. Even in the face of health challenges, Inga persisted in inspiring those around her with an unyielding spirit. Her legacy endures as a formidable advocate for both her clients and her personal well-being, eternally residing in the hearts of those privileged to have known her.

A Life Well-Lived

Inga Dyer peacefully departed on January 20, 2024, concluding a seven-year struggle with breast cancer. Surrounded by her loved ones, she faced the unfortunate spread of the disease to various parts of her body with remarkable grace and courage.

An Extraordinary Journey

Inga was an exceptional woman who achieved distinction both in her personal and professional life. Born on August 4, 1971, to James and Gloria Dyer in Los Angeles, California, she had a brother named James Jr. and a sister named Nicole. Inga pursued her education at Howard University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in communication before furthering her studies to obtain a law degree. As a testament to her commitment to community and sisterhood, Inga took pride in being a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (and of Ardorous), forging lifelong friendships during her time with the organization.

A Lasting Impact

Inga Dyer, an extraordinary individual and a stellar entertainment lawyer, has left an irreplaceable void in the hearts of her family and friends. A true native of LA, Inga’s passion for storytelling propelled her into a career where she tirelessly fought for the rights of artists in the entertainment industry. Renowned for her intellect and compassion, she garnered admiration from many. Despite the demanding nature of her profession, Inga remained actively engaged in the city’s vibrant arts scene, offering steadfast support to local artists and imprinting her legacy on LA’s creative landscape. While her departure has created a void in legal and entertainment circles, her memory will stand as a radiant beacon, continuing to inspire those fortunate enough to have known her.

A Cherished Legacy

In summary, Inga Dyer was a cherished figure in Los Angeles. Her warmth, creativity, and boundless energy endeared her to the community, making her an integral part of its fabric. The lasting contributions she made to the entertainment industry and the unwavering support she provided to artists will be fondly remembered. Inga’s legacy, characterized by compassion and steadfast dedication, will serve as an enduring source of inspiration for years to come. Though she may be gone, her indelible impact on Los Angeles will remain etched in the collective memory, ensuring that she will never be forgotten.


Q: What endeared Inga Dyer to the people of Los Angeles?

A: In Los Angeles, Inga Dyer won the hearts of many due to her affable nature, innovative spirit, and vibrant enthusiasm. Her ability to infuse joy, resilience, and a zest for life into every circumstance made her a beloved figure.

Q: What role did Inga Dyer play in the entertainment industry?

A: Inga Dyer devoted her professional life to championing artists and ensuring they had proper legal safeguards. She tirelessly advocated for artists’ rights, leaving an indelible mark as a staunch supporter of her clients.

Q: How will Inga Dyer’s legacy be remembered?

A: Inga Dyer’s legacy will endure as that of a compassionate and unwavering advocate. Her profound impact on the Los Angeles community, both personally and in her professional endeavors, will be eternally etched in the collective memory.

Q: How can Inga Dyer's family be supported?

A: Prayers, love, and financial support of via this campaign gofund.me/ac836a55.